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Friday, December 9th

8:45am Welcoming Remarks
Frank Griffel (Yale University)

9:00am. 1st Panel
Chair: Steven Harvey (Bar Ilan University)

Scott Michael Girdner (Randolph-Macon College)
“Al-Ghazali’s Philosophical Promotion of Traditionalism in The Niche of Lights and Its Influence Within the Jewish Tradition”

Jules Janssens (CNRS Paris and De Wulf-Mansioncentrum, Leuven, Belgium)
“Al-Ghazali’s Commentary on the Light Verse (in the Mishkat al-Anwar) and its influence on Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (d. 1210)”

11:00am. 2nd Panel
Chair: Dimitri Gutas (Yale University)

Taneli Kukkonen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
“Al-Ghazali on Reason Going Wrong”

Ulrich Rudolph (Universität Zürich)
“Al-Ghazali’s Concept of Philosophy”

2:00pm. 3rd Panel
Chair: Everett Rowson (New York University)

Ahmed El Shamsy (University of Chicago)
“Al-Ghazali’s Empiricist Ethics: Reading ‘The Wisdom in God’s Creations’ (al-Hikma fi makhluqat Allah)”

Ziad Bou Akl (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
“The Purposes of the Law in al-Ghazali’s al-Mustasfa

4:00pm. 4th Panel
Chair: Yahya Michot (Hartford Seminary)

M. Afifi al-Akiti (Oxford University)
“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Falsafa According to al-Ghazali"

Ayman Shihadeh (School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
“Al-Ghazali on Human Ontology”

Saturday, December 10th

9:00am. 5th Panel
Chair: Georges Tamer (Ohio State University)

M. Sait Özervarli (Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul)
“Ottoman Discussions on al-Ghazali, particularly during the 19th and Early 20th Centuries”

Martin Riexinger (Aarhus University, Denmark)
“Al-Ghazali and the 19th Century Reception of the Modern Sciences in the Islamic World”

11:00am. 6th Panel
Chair: Abdulkarim Soroush (Independent Scholar)

Mohammad Hassan Khalil (Michigan State University)
“Reinterpreting al-Ghazali and Rethinking the Fate of Others: The Case of Rashid Rida (d. 1935)”

A. David K. Owen (Harvard University)
“Al-Mukhtar al-Shinqiṭi (d. 1973) and the Reception of Ghazali's Legal Methodology in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study"

2:00pm. 7th Panel
Chair: Andrew F. March (Yale University)

Anna Ayşe Akasoy (Oxford University)
“Al-Ghazali, ‘Religionswissenschaft,’ and Inter-religious Dialogue”

Kenneth Garden (Tufts University)
“Al-Ghazali in Contemporary Lebanon: Su’ad al-Hakim’s Project of Rereading His Revival”

4pm. 8th Panel
Chair: Frank Griffel (Yale University)

Katherina Völker (University of Otago, New Zealand)
“The Ghazali-Reception Among Muslim Intellectuals Living in Western Countries”

Workshop Discussion of all Participants

6:00pm Concluding Remarks

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