Yale Conference on

Baltic and Scandinavian Studies

March 13-15, 2014

image of Yale in the Spring

Thematic Stream Proposals

Building on the efforts at the 2012 and 2013 SASS conferences to provide thematic multi-session threads of discussion, the 2014 conference organizers invited SASS and AABS members to submit proposals for thematic streams – topics that can be expected to attract related proposals spanning several related panel sessions and that would benefit from a gathered summary discussion. The proposed stream topics listed here are those that have been received. We encourage all those planning on presenting a paper at the Yale 2014 conference to consider how their paper could contribute to one of the streams. Participation in a stream is by no means required; if your paper does not fit into one of the streams please submit it anyway!  If interest in one or more of the thematic streams listed here turns out to be more limited and specialized, papers submitted for such streams may appear at the conference in the context of one or several panels that are not identified as a conference stream.

Streams for the 2014 AABS-SASS conference at Yale University

Stream 1: Twentieth-Century Wars in the Baltic Sea Region: History and Culture

Stream 2: Scandinavian and Baltic Crime Fiction

Stream 3: The Vikings

Stream 4: Jewish Life and Culture

Stream 5: The Baltic Countries and Scandinavia in a Global World: New Pathways in Pedagogy and Language in Higher Education  

Stream 6: Austmarr – Scandinavia and the Baltic Region before 1500

Stream 7: A New European Bloc: Political, Economic, and Energy Cooperation between the Baltic and Scandinavian States

Stream 8: Global Communication: Translating Scandinavia and the Baltic

Stream 9: Exploring Race and Whiteness in Norden

Stream 10: Cultural Constructions and Representations of Gender

Stream 11: Art as History, Art as Identity: Interdisciplinary Investigations in Visual Culture

Stream 12: Public diplomacy in the Baltic Sea region

Stream 13: Reconnecting with the Nordic – Aspirational Identities in the Nordic Periphery

Stream 14: The Arctic Today

Stream 15: Baltic-Nordic Transnational Approaches and Perspectives

Download a pdf listing of all streams.