Yale Conference on

Baltic and Scandinavian Studies

March 13-15, 2014

image of Yale in the Spring


Online Registration is closed. On-site Registration will be held at the Omni Hotel in New Haven on Thursday, March 13 from 10am-5pm; Friday, March 14 from 8am-5pm; and on Saturday from 8am-2pm.

If you need to be added to any of the agenda selections such as one of the lunches or the Saturday banquet please email Baltic.scandinavian@yale.edu as soon as possible so that we can include you in the count for those items.

I am not yet a member, but would like to join AABS or SASS. Can I become a member of either or both organizations?

Yes! Please send your membership application directly to AABS or SASS. You can register for the conference before your membership is processed. For inquiries regarding the status of your membership, please contact the applicable organization directly.

Where can I find information about hotels and travel?
Information is available HERE. Register for the conference HERE. Reserve your hotel room HERE. Download parking map HERE. Rooms are limited and you should reserve your lodging ASAP.

Can I share a hotel room with someone else?
Yes! When you go to the hotel registration web page, you can find a form requesting that the hotel put you in a shared room with one or two other people. Both (or all three) names on one form in order for the hotel to confirm the reservation. However, the reservation can only be made in the name of one person. You can split the charges for the room when you all check out of the hotel.

Will the conference be accessible for the handicapped and those with limited mobility?
Yes. All of the buildings of Yale University's campus are fully accessible to the handicapped. The main conference venue, Linsly-Chittenden Hall, has elevators and a wheelchair ramp. Please note that Yale is a traditional university campus and that conference attendees will be expected to walk between conference venues, including distances up to several blocks. If you have impaired mobility and need arrangements made for your transportation between conference venues, please send a message to baltic.scandinavian@yale.edu if you have not done so already.

What are some details about the Yale campus tour?

If you registered for a Yale campus tour, you will need to arrive at the Yale Visitors’ Center (149 Elm Street, New Haven, CT) a few minutes before your planned time. On Friday, March 14, the tours gather at 11:00am; 12:15pm; 1:30pm; and 2:45pm; on Saturday, March 15 tours gather at 11:30am and 12:15pm. The tour is approximately 75 minutes long. This is a walking tour, on foot groups led by Yale tour guides. Yale is a city campus, so you will be walking on city sidewalks and crossing local streets.

If you did not register for a tour but you would like to attend one, please log into your registration and change your selection for that option. There will be no additional charge.

When will the final program be available?
You may download the program here (33mb)

Will there be any special events for graduate students?
Yes. Graduate students are welcome to attend all events, and feature prominently among the presenters. There will also be an informal networking lunch for graduate students on Friday, 14 March from 12-1:30pm at a local Thai Restaurant. Please RSVP to Indra Ekmanis (indraekm@uw.edu) to confirm if you wish to attend.

Will papers be circulated before the conference? Should I be submitting my paper to someone?
There will be no conference-wide pre-circulation of papers. Panels are free to arrange to distribute abstracts or paper drafts among themselves. Those who need other presenters' contact information to facilitate these efforts should send a message to the baltic.scandinavian@yale.edu address and will be put in touch with other panelists.

Can I bring my laptop? What about my iPad?
Conference attendees are welcome to bring their personal computers equipment if they wish to do so. If your conference presentation requires the use of a computer, you should plan to bring one with you, or coordinate the bringing of laptops with other panelists. For those traveling from outside the United States, please remember to pack a currency/voltage converter in order to plug in your computer. Laptops and computer hardware, including voltage computers and cords, will not be available at the conference.

Free wireless access is available across the Yale campus on the Yale guest network, and instructions for accessing it will be included in conference registration packets. Many other locations around New Haven also have free wireless access.

Where can I park my car? (click for map)