African Languages Programs

2015 Summer Language Courses from Yale via Distance Learning


The Yale African Language Initiative is being launched to make instruction in a range of African languages accessible to students and professionals with varying proficiency objectives and discipline specific needs.
Using new technology for synchronous distance learning, YALI will enable students to study African languages from home with Yale instructors.

Students can enroll for one or for multiple units. Those who want academic credit from Yale Summer Session can enroll in a 10-week two-session course that offers the equivalent of one academic year of language study. Summer FLAS fellowships are available from Yale and other Title VI African Studies Resource Centers.

Languages offered in Summer 2015:

Beginning isiZulu
Beginning Kiswahili
Beginning Wolof
Beginning Yoruba

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About the Program

The Yale program offers regular courses in three major African languages: Swahili, Yoruba, and Zulu. These are taught at Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels using multimedia materials. The courses are open to undergraduates and graduate students, and the small class size helps foster communicative competence.


Directed Independent Language Study

DILS supports students who want to study a less commonly taught African language through self-instruction. The DILS program assists students in obtaining materials and locating a conversation partner, and supervises instruction and examining. For more information, please see