Africa at a Fork in the Road: Taking Off or Disappointment Once Again?
Monday, April 14 and Tuesday, April 15. Greenberg Conference Center, 391 Prospect.

The Trouble with Trafficking? Origins and Operations of Global Anti-Trafficking
4:00pm, April 15, Room 208, Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street.

Teenage - a film by Matt Wolf
7:00pm, April 15. Room 208, Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street.

The Bright Continent: Informality and Innovation in Africa's 'Fail' States
12:00pm, April 16, Room 202, Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue.

Decolonization, Violence, and Sovereignty in an Out of the Way Place: the Western Mekong Delta, 1945-54
12:00pm, April 16. Room 203, Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue.

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Taliban Victory in Afghanistan Would Pose Problem for Pakistane

Riaz Hassan, YaleGlobal, 15 April, 2014

As the world awaits the outcome of the Afghan elections and the beginning of NATO withdrawal, it’s generally assumed that Pakistan would welcome Taliban victory in post-2014 Afghanistan.

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The MacMillan Report

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