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Welcome to the Leitner Program!

The Program promotes research and teaching about the interactions between politics and economics around the world. It sponsors research by Yale faculty and students on topics in international and comparative political economy. It hosts seminars, conferences and workshops, and it brings visitors to Yale. In short, the Program serves as the center for research and teaching in the field of political economy on campus.

Ebonya Washington and Alexandre Debs

Leitner Political Economy Seminar

Mondays 12:00–1:30pmRoom 203 Luce Hall

October 6
Thomas Oatley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Security Shocks, Military Buildups, and Budget Deficits in Postwar America”
(joint with the MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series)

October 13
Philippe De Donder, Toulouse School of Economics
"The Political Economy of Higher Public Education Admission Tests"