Media Law

Jack M. Balkin and Adam S. Cohen

The casebook for the course will be Franklin, Anderson and Lidsky, Mass Media Law: Cases and Materials (8th ed. 2011).  Additional materials will be available online.

1. Defamation (9/12/2011)

Additional reading (optional)

2.  Privacy (9/19/2011)

A. Privacy and freedom of expression

B. Unmaking online speakers

C. Online self-revelation


3.  Communications torts (9/26/2011)

A. Infliction of Emotional Distress

B. Economic Harm

C. Incitement and Aiding and Abetting

D. Indirect Burdens: Financial Disincentives and Taxation


4. Prior Restraints and National Security (10/03/2011)

A. Prior Restraint

B. Wikileaks

5. Broadcast and Cable Regulation (10/17/2011)

6. Content Regulation in Broadcast Media and the Internet (10/24/2011)

A. Indecency

B. Violence

7. The Legal Regulation of Newsgathering (10/31/2011)

8. Press Privileges (11/07/2011)

9.  Access to Judicial Proceedings (11/14/2011)

10. Access to Government Information (11/28/2011)


11. Intellectual Property and Intermediary Liability on the Internet (12/05/2011)

A. Fair Use

B. Misappropriation

C. Section 230

D. Intermediary liability for copyright infringement

12. The Future of News and New Business Models for Journalism, Part One (12/12/2011)

A. The Changing Business Climate

B. Problems for the Democratic Function of the Press

13. The Future of News and New Business Models for Journalism, Part Two (12/14/2011)

C. Proposals for Reform

D. Behavioral Advertising as a Business Model