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About the Laboratory

We are studying the fundamental laws of physics in small-scale table-top experiments. There are currently two main experimental projects located here at Yale. One is a search for the permanent electric dipole moment (EDM) of the electron. The electron EDM can only exist if the laws of physics violate time-reversal and parity symmetries. The existence of such an EDM at a measurable level is predicted by a number of particle-physics theories beyond the Standard Model, such as Supersymmetry. The other project is a study of the Casimir force. This is a force between two bodies due to quantum vacuum fluctuations around and in between these bodies. We use a torsion pendulum apparatus to study this force under various conditions.

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From left to right: Steve Lamoreaux, Steve Eckel, Alexander Sushkov.

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Contact info
Phone: +1 203 436 3948
Fax: +1 203 432 6175
E: alex.sushkov{at}yale(dot)edu

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