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Working Group on

Marxism and Cultural Theory

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About the Group

Created in 1999, the Working Group on Marxism and Cultural Theory promotes the reading and discussion of texts in the field of Marxism and Marxist cultural theory. Our meetings are held every other Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. in room 116 of the Whitney Humanities Center (53 Wall Street, New Haven).  New members are always welcome and we are open to any and all disciplines. 

Readings are selected by the group at the beginning of each semester. Photocopies of the material are available for free at the main office of the Whitney Humanities Center usually a week before the group meeting. In the past we have read and discussed works of Karl Marx, Marxist literary criticsm and Fredric Jameson's Marxism and Form; debates within Socialist Feminism, National traditions of Marxist thought, World-Systems Theory, Liberation Theology, and Globalization.

We have also organized summer reading groups, and in the past summers, we have read Marx's Capital and the Grundrisse.