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Workers of the World


A series of lectures, screenings, and colloquia.

“Made in L.A.”
A screening of the new labor documentary, Made in L.A., in April 2008. It was followed by a panel discussion, moderated by Jennifer Klein, with the filmmakers, Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar, as well Fátima Rojas and Juan Granados of Unidad Latina en Acción, and Elizabeth Breton from the UNITE-HERE Joint Laundry Board.

“Class Acts: Service and Inequality in Luxury Hotels”
The ILC , together with Labyrinth Books, celebrated the publication of Yale sociologist Rachel Sherman’s book, Class Acts, with a conversation between the author and Michael Denning, followed by a reception, in February 2007.

“Egyptian Textile Workers: From Craft Artisans Facing European Competition to Proletarians Contending with the State”
The Stanford University historian Joel Beinin, the author of Workers and Peasants in the Modern Middle East, in November 2005.

“Workers’ Movements and Imperialism: From Berlin (1884) to Baku (1920).”
The ILC’s Inaugural Colloquium – which had been postponed from the previous fall -- opened our second year in September 2005. It featured Yale’s distinguished labor historian, David Montgomery, Farnam Professor Emeritus of History, the author of Worker’s Control in America, The Fall of the House of Labor, and Citizen Worker. The guest respondent was Blanca G. Silvestrini, Professor of History at the University of Connecticut, and a leading historian of Puerto Rican labor.

“Tracking the United Farm Workers and Cesar Chavez: A History “
Yale historian and ILC affiliate Stephen Pitti, the author of The Devil in Silicon Valley, presented work from his forthcoming biography of Cesar Chavez in April 2005.

"Seremos Como Martí: Workers and Contradiction in the Cuban Revolution"
The ILC celebrated the publication of Yale historian Lillian Guerra’s book, The Myth of José Martí: Conflicting Nationalisms in Early Twentieth Century Cuba (2005), with her lecture, followed by a reception and book signing in March 2005.

"'Made in China': Labor's Contentious Transition from State Socialism"
The University of Michigan sociologist Ching Kwan Lee, the author of Gender and the South China Miracle (1998), in February 2005.

“From Tijuana to Baghdad -- Who Pays the Price of Globalization?”

The journalist and photographer David Bacon, the author of The Children of NAFTA: Labor Wars on the U.S./Mexico Border (2004), in October 2004.
















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