Practicing Transnational Cultural Studies: Dialogues between Working Groups at Yale University and New York University

A three-day retreat bringing together working groups in transnational cultural studies from Yale University and New York University, May 11-13, 2008 at the Voluntown Peace Trust in Voluntown, Connecticut.


NYU Piracy Working Group
Ariana Ochoa Camacho, "Pirates of the Desert: Latin American Social Banditry in the Landscape of the Dispossessed"
Rana Jaleel,"Piracy as Analogy: The Alien Torts Claim Act and Contemporary International Human Rights"
Dacia Mitchell, "Steal this Nation: The Looting and 'Recovery' of the National Museum in Baghdad"
Zach Schwartz-Weinstein, "The Pirate University, and the University of Pirates: Knowledge, Property, and Immaterial Labor"

NYU South Asian Diaspora Group
Vivek Bald, "Peddlers of Notions: Indians in the American Orientalist Economy, 1880-1920"
Miabi Chatterji, "Putting 'The Family' to Work: Manager-Worker Relations in South Asian-run Service-sector Businesses in New York City"
Sujani Reddy, "From 'Women on the Loose' to 'Women in the Lead': A Sketch of Indian Nurse Migration to the United States"

Yale Working Group on Globalization and Culture, "Worlds and Contact Zones"

Worlds Sub-Group

Amanda Ciafone, "Post-Research, Pre-Writing Thoughts"

Michael Denning, "The Spectre of Wageless Life"

Rossen Djagalov, "The Links that Bind Us: The Afro-Asian Writers' Movement"

Christina Moon, "The Kim Family"

Charlie Samuya Veric, "Planet of Cultural Studies"

Contact Zones Sub-Group

Amina El-Annan, "The Transnational Poetics and Politics of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali"

Daniel Gilbert, "The Limits of Free Agency: Dominican Professionals in the Modern Baseball World"

A. Naomi Paik, "Testifying to Rightlessness"

Ariana Paulson, "The Work of Women"

Van Truong, "Sundays at the Swap Meet: Towards a Postmodern Geography of Self"


Schedule and Format:

Papers will not be presented at the retreat; rather respondents from other groups will kick off a discussion of the issues raised by the papers of each group. Papers are posted above, so everyone can read the work in advance.

Sunday, May 11: 5 PM Arrival, drinks, dinner

8 PM: Brief introductions of each group, history of the group, methods of work, etc.

10 PM: Relax, Party

Monday, May 12: Breakfast

9:30-11: Roundtable Discussion of papers by NYU Piracy Group, kicked off by respondents from Yale Contact Zones Group.

11-11:30: Break

11:30-1: Roundtable Discussion of papers by Yale Contact Zones Group, kicked off by respondents from NYU South Asian Diaspora Group.

1-2: Lunch

2-3:30: Roundtable Discussion of papers by NYU South Asian Diaspora Group, kicked off by respondents from Yale Worlds Group.

3:30-4:30: Break

4:30-6: Roundtable Discussion of papers by Yale Worlds Group, kicked off by respondents from NYU Piracy Group.

6-8: Drinks, dinner

8-late: Dance, talk, party

Tuesday, May 13: Breakfast

10 AM: Wrap-up and discussion of future plans and meetings