AMST 192a/ER&M 190a

Work & Daily Life in Global Capitalism

Fall 2008

Michael Denning
Myra Jones-Taylor
Monica Muñoz Martinez
Van Truong

An introduction to the worlds of twentieth-century capitalism, from Ford to Sony, United Fruit to Microsoft, with particular attention to transformations in work and daily life. Topics include the metal-working cities and industrial plantations of the first decades of the century; the social and cultural upheavals of the global Great Depression and World War; the mid-century challenges of Communism, social democracy and decolonization; the rise of service economies and the shifts in women's work; the popular uprisings and cultural revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s; and the conflicts over "globalization" and neo-liberalism in the last quarter century.

The course combines a series of lectures, generally on Tuesdays, with participation in one of three Research Groups, which generally meet on Thursdays. The class will be limited to 45 participants. The first meeting, on Thursday, September 4, will be in WLH 116.

The lectures will offer a broad overview; each Research Group focuses on a more specific aspect of work and daily life in global capitalism. This year there will be three Research Groups, as follows:
Bodies and Minds in the Fields: Agricultural Work and Daily Life
Care Work and Informal Economies in Global Capitalism
Migration, Work and Daily Life

Each student will take part in one of the three Research Groups.

Meeting Times:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-2:15 WR
Lectures in WLH 116
Research Group: “Bodies and Minds in the Fields: Agricultural Work and Daily Life” LC 206
Research Group: “Care Work and Informal Economies in Global Capitalism” LC 209

Research Group: “Migration, Work and Daily Life” LC 210