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August 18 2015

Karate starts Monday September 7

Training begins on Labor Day, September 7th.
We will be meeting on Monday/Wednesday 7-8 pm in room 5H on the 5th floor of Payne-Whitney Gym. Following the Mondays class, Dawn and I will be teaching a 6 week self defense class from 8-9 in room J. It is open to everyone.

There are some changes to the karate club that I'm pleased to announce. For the first time, the karate club class will also be a physical education class.  What does that mean? For starters, we have a room already reserved! Secondly, that room will be the basketball court (room 5H) with a nice wood floor.


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Welcome to the website of the Yale Shotokan Karate Club! The Yale Shotokan Karate Club (YSKC) offers training in traditional Shotokan karate. Practices are held regularly during the academic year and the summer term.

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