Yale Jewish Learning Initiative / Young Israel House at Yale


Young Israel House at Yale (YIHY) is the student organization that oversees and provides for Yale’s Orthodox Jewish community. YIHY arranges minyan services, Jewish learning programs, and other events for the Yale Jewish community at large. Please visit the Prospective Students page for more information about Yale’s Jewish community.


the Young Israel House at Yale


The OU, in partnership with Hillel and The Slifka Center, administers the Heshe and Harriet Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (JLIC), a program that helps Orthodox students navigate the college environment and balance their Jewish commitments with their desire to engage the secular world.  In addition, JLIC provides avenues for spiritual development and exploration for Jewish students from varied backgrounds. JLIC presents a positive, sophisticated and welcoming face for Orthodox Judaism on campus.

JLIC places an Orthodox Rabbinic couple to serve as Torah educators at Yale.  Our educators offer weekly Shiurim and classes, bring guest speakers and events to campus, and make key Orthodox necessities, such as Kashrut, Chagim and Shabbat, easier to observe and more meaningful.

The programs offered by JLIC cater to all levels and backgrounds from graduates of Yeshivot in Israel with a yeshiva high school background to students with no formal background at all in Jewish learning. Their activities involve Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and unaffiliated Jews.

Yale’s JLIC couple is Sarah and Rabbi Noah Cheses.

About the Yale Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus