Journal of Industrial Ecology

Call for Papers:

Special Issue on

Greening Growing Giants

Deadline: April 30, 2011 - Extended to May 31, 2011

The Journal of Industrial Ecology invites you to submit articles for a special issue on Greening Growing Giants by April 30, 2011. Seiji Hashimoto of the National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan), Sangwon Suh of the University of California, Santa Barbara (USA), Xuemei Bai, of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia), and Marina Fischer-Kowalski, of the SEC - Social Ecology (Austria), will serve as co-editors of the special issue.


Questions relevant to this special issue include but are not limited to: What quantities of resources will be required globally in the near future, given the current dynamics of per capita resource use in developing countries? What role does the demand in industrial countries, and international trade, play in raising consumption levels in emerging economies? How much CO2 and/or pollutants will be produced through the resource use? What will be the technological potential for the reduction of resource demand and emissions? What are alternative development paths with low materials consumption and low emissions? What is the role of innovative practices at local level, especially in cities, in achieving alternative, more sustainable development pathways? What kind of policies, tools and practices are effective in achieving alternative development pathways?


This special issue will focus on rapidly industrializing economies – “Growing Giants” – and discuss approaches for “Greening Growing Giants”. We call for papers that attempt to answer important questions on global, national, and urban levels including those posed above. Papers should explicitly relate to relevant scholarship in industrial ecology and should comply with the state of the art methodology in material flow analysis, life cycle assessment and related analytical techniques and should be cognizant of current practice and policy.


In addition to an open call for papers, the editors of the special issue particularly welcome submissions of papers from the ISIE Asia-Pacific Meeting in Tokyo in November, 2010. We especially encourage submissions from industrializing countries.

How to Submit

Manuscripts should be original, previously unpublished, in English, and between 3,500 and 7,000 words in length including references. Submission implies that the manuscript has not been submitted for publication elsewhere and that it will not be submitted elsewhere while the review process is underway. All submissions will be reviewed according to the Journal's standard single-blind peer review process. Provide a list of 5 recommended reviewers and a list of any potential reviewers that you would prefer that we not use (e.g., with conflict of interest). Papers should be submitted electronically via ScholarOne Manuscripts (formerly called Manuscript Central) at Please indicate that this is a submission for the “Greening Growing Giants” issue on the author checklist during the submission process. Details about the preparation of the manuscript can be obtained from the Journal's Web page or from the editor.

Send inquiries to:

Reid Lifset
Editor, Journal of Industrial Ecology
Yale University
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
195 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT, 06511-2189  USA


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