Journal of Industrial Ecology

Call for Papers:

Special Series on Education in Industrial Ecology

The Journal of Industrial Ecology invites you to submit articles on education in industrial ecology for a special series on this topic.

Suggested Topics for the Special Series

We envision submissions that discuss curriculum development for industrial ecology broadly as well as specific descriptions of curricular materials and programs.  The Journal seeks articles both on university education and on corporate and institutional training.  Topics of interest could include:

      Curriculum development:

      Instructional materials:

The articles published under the series to date can be viewed here.

Previously unpublished case studies of corporate practice to be used for instructional purposes are particularly welcome and will be published in the Journal's "Applications and Implementation" section.  An example of such a case study is "Going Organic: Converting Patagonia's Cotton Product Line" by Chouinard and Brown from volume 1, number 1 of the Journal and available online as a sample article.

Discussions of innovative methods for teaching design for environment (DfE) and life cycle assessment (LCA) are also of particular interest.  Course syllabi do not constitute articles in and of themselves for purposes of publication.  Given sufficient interest, the Journal will post syllabi and related materials on this site.

Sources on Education in Industrial Ecology

Some preliminary discussions of education in industrial ecology can be found in the following articles and presentations:

Ehrenfeld, J. 1994. Industrial ecology and design for environment: The role for universities. In The Greening of industrial ecosystems.  Edited by B. Allenby and D. Richards. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press.

Lynch, D. R and C. Hutchinson.  1992.Environmental education. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  89(3): 864-867.

Starr, C.  1992.  Education for industrial ecology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  89(3): 868-869.

Troxell, D. E.  1992.  Educating and training industrial ecologists for the 1990s. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  89(3): 862-863.

Additional Information

Submissions for this series must relate concretely to the issues, concern, tools and themes of industrial ecology; please do not submit general discussions of environmental education unrelated to industrial ecology.

The articles are published in a series (sequential issues), not a single special issue.

Submissions should follow the Journal's standard Instructions to Authors.
The Special Series on Education for Industrial Ecology is made possible through support from the Henry Luce Foundation, the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation, AT&T, Pitney-Bowes and ThermoRetec Corporation.


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