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Call for Papers:

Special Issue on

Sustainable Urban Systems

Deadline: August 31, 2011

Developing environmentally-sustainable cities has been identified as one of society grand challenges in the coming decades. Already more than half the world's people and 80% of those in developed nations live in cities and urban areas. These vast urban populations consume a majority of the world's resources, contribute to environmental degradation locally, regionally and globally, and, simultaneously, are also highly vulnerable to the consequent impacts of such changes, e.g., to climate change.

The Journal of Industrial Ecology’s special issue on Sustainable Urban Systems is concerned with applying methods of industrial ecology towards the sustainable development of cities, their supporting hinterlands, and the networked infrastructure that connects them. This is an applied, cross-cutting section in which various industrial ecology methods, such as life cycle assessment (LCA), material flow analysis (MFA), environmental input-output analysis (EIOA), complex systems theory and thermodynamics, are applied at the urban scale and integrated with social actors (people) who shape urban systems.

Suggested Topics

Issues addressed may include (but are not limited to):

Practical solutions to these issues are informed through study of urban ecology, urban metabolism, city carbon and water footprints, and the dynamics of city growth and interdependency between social actors, institutions and the biophysical system flows.

Papers addressing the above topics are invited from a broad range of disciplines: industrial ecologists, urban planners, architects, geographers, engineers, economists, environmental scientists, policymakers, social scientists and others. Papers can address fundamental research, development of cross-cutting conceptual frameworks, applied tools (e.g., low-carbon development tools), field work case studies and inter-disciplinary curricula. Papers should explicitly relate to relevant scholarship in industrial ecology and should comply with the state of the art methodology in MFA, LCA, and related analytical techniques, as appropriate, and should be cognizant of current practice and policy. Papers that address both the biophysical and human dimensions of sustainable urban systems are particularly encouraged.

In addition to an open call for papers, the editors of the special issue particularly welcome submissions of papers from the ISIE Asia-Pacific Meeting in Tokyo, November 2010, and the ISIE 6th International Conference in Berkeley, June 2011.

How to Submit

Manuscripts should be original, previously unpublished, in English, and between 3,500 and 6,000 words in length excluding references. Ancillary data relevant to articles can be posted on the journal's web site in the form of supporting information.  Submission implies that the manuscript has not been submitted for publication elsewhere and that it will not be submitted elsewhere while the review process is underway. All submissions will be reviewed according to the Journal's standard single-blind peer review process. Provide a list of 4 recommended reviewers and a list of any potential reviewers that you would prefer that we not use (e.g., with conflict of interest). Papers should be submitted electronically via ScholarOne Manuscripts (formerly called Manuscript Central) at Please indicate that this is a submission for the “Sustainable Urban Systems” issue on the author checklist during the submission process. Details about the preparation of the manuscript can be obtained from the Journal's Web page or from the editor.

The Journal of Industrial Ecology invites you to submit articles for this special issue by August 31, 2011. Larry Baker (University of Minnesota), Shobhakar Dhakal (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan), Chris Kennedy (University of Toronto) and Anu Ramaswami (University of Colorado, Denver) will serve as co-editors of the special issue.


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