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The International Room at Sterling Library.

The International Room at Sterling Library, Yale University

Service to Society, cont'd

Yale Graduates Serve Other Countries

Yale's mission is to prepare students for leadership in all sectors of society. Many of its graduates have served their country with distinction, both at home and abroad.

First Karl Carstens
LL.M. 1949

President of West Germany


George T. Chaponda
LL.M. 1981

Foreign Minister, Malawi, 2004–2005; Minister for Education, Science, and Technology 2009–


Wan Exiang
LL.M. 1987

Vice-President Supreme People's Court, China


Yoriko Kawaguchi
M.Phil. 1972

Minister of Environment, Japan 2000–2002, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Japan, 2002–2004

Hong-Koo Lee
Ph.D. 1968

Prime Minister, Republic of Korea, 1994–1995


Rakesh Mohan
B.A. 1971

Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India, 2002–2004, 2005–2009; Finance Secretary, India, 2004–2005


Andrés Velasco
B.A. 1982, M.A. 1984

Finance Minister, Chile, 2006–2010


Ernesto Zedillo
Ph.D. 1981, LL.D. 2001

President of Mexico, 1994–2000; Director, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, 2002–

In addition to the Yale graduates shown above, other alumni who have dedicated themselves to public service in their countries include:

Paul Acquah
M.A. 1966

Governor, Bank of Ghana, 2001—2009; two-time winner of Central Bank Governor of the Year Award

Geraldo Brindeiro
LL.M. 1982, J.S.D. 1990

Attorney General, Brazil, 1995–2003

Mahbub ul Haq
M.A. 1956, Ph.D. 1958

Minister of Planning and Finance, Pakistan, 1982–1998

Shunmugam Jayakumar
LL.M. 1966

Deputy Prime Minister, Singapore, 2004–2009; Minister for Foreign Affairs, Singapore, 1994–2004

Alonso José Ricardo Lujambio
M.A. 1992, M.Phil. 1993

Secretary of Public Education, Mexico, 2009–

Jaime Serra Puche
Ph.D. 1979

Minister of Commerce and Industrial Development, Mexico, 1988–1994

Wendell Mottley
B.A. 1964

Minister of Finance, Trinidad and Tobago, 1992–1995

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