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The International Room at Sterling Library.

The International Room at Sterling Library, Yale University

Peabody Museum of Natural History

Founded in 1866 by the philanthropist George Peabody, uncle of the nation’s first professor of paleontology Yale’s Othniel C. Marsh (B.A. 1860), the Peabody is one of the largest natural history museums in the United States with more than twelve million specimens from around the globe. These material objects are the basis for understanding the history of the Earth, the diversity and evolution of life, and the variety of human cultures. Each year Peabody curators and sta‚Ȇ conduct field research on every continent, making new discoveries about our planet.

Samurai armor

This unique set, acquired in 1889, is from eighteenth-century Japan, when armor was used by the Samurai for ceremonial exercises rather than warfare.


This crinoid fossil is a fine example of this variety found in the late Silurian deposits of Morocco.

Morpho rhetenor

This Blue Morpho butterfly was collected in 1956 in Óbidos (Pará), Brazil.


This copper-rich mineral from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a popular material used in sculptural arts and jewelry making.

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