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The International Room at Sterling Library.

The International Room at Sterling Library, Yale University


Yale University’s museums and collections rank among the finest found on any university campus. In addition to their public galleries, they provide special study rooms and archives, which are used for classroom instruction and research. The permanent installations are continually supplemented with temporary exhibitions featuring works outside Yale’s collections.

Yale University Art Gallery

Yale University Art Gallery, the first college art museum in the Western Hemisphere, opened in 1832. Established with John Trumbull’s donation of his paintings, including his original series of American Revolutionary War scenes, the collection now encompasses over 185,000 works of art from ancient Egypt to the present day. Highlights include the Dura-Europos, early Italian, Société Anonyme, and African collections, as well as masterpieces by Degas, Manet, and Picasso.

Quadruped vessel with peccary feet and lid with bird and fish handle

Artist Unknown
Mexico or Guatemala, Maya, Early Classic, ca. A.D. 250–400
Ceramic with tan, red, green (oxidized black), black, and white pigment

Figure of seated woman with child

Artist Unknown
Mexico, Maya, Jaina Island or Campeche, Late Classic, ca. A.D. 600–900
Ceramic with blue and traces of red pigment

Portrait of the Emperor Commodus as a Boy,
Caesar 166—180: Emperor of Rome

Artist Unknown
A.D. 180–192
Roman, Imperial, Antonine, A.D. 172/173
Marble, probably Luna

Le café de nuit (The Night Café)

Vincent van Gogh
Dutch, 1888
Oil on canvas

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