This is a beginning step toward documenting "Indonesianists" and Indonesians who have been and/or are affiliated with Yale. The short lists below are only a start, and may not represent the actual pool. Your participation to add and recommend names is highly appreciated. Hopefully this list will grow.

Michael R. Dove, Margaret K. Musser Professor of Social Ecology, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. (ecological anthropology; natural resource use, conservation, and rural development; sociology of science; Insular Southeast Asia, Indonesia).

Carol Carpenter, Lecturer, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; Adjunct Lecturer, Anthropology Department. (social anthropology; ecological anthropology; gender and agricultural systems; rural development; Indonesia) 

Lisa M. Curran
, Associate Professor, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (tropical ecology; natural resource management and forestry policy; land use change; Southeast Asia, Indonesia) 

Harold C. Conklin
, Franklin Muzzy Crosby Professor Emeritus of the Human Environment; Professor Emeritus of Anthropology; Curator Emeritus of Anthropology, The Peabody Museum. (cultural anthropology; tropical ecology; linguistics; Insular Southeast Asia, Philippines) 

J. Joseph Errington, Professor of Anthropology; Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures. (linguistic anthropology; Indonesia) 
William W. Kelly, Professor of Anthropology. (peasants; Japan, Indonesia) (on leave spring 2002)  

James C. Scott, Sterling Professor of Political Science and Anthropology; Director, Agrarian Studies Program. (politics of Southeast Asia; politics of peasant society; revolution and violence; Malaysia, Burma)

Erica McDonald. Class of 2005. School of Drama.
Erina Lie. Class of 2006. (Jakarta).
Johanes Soetanto. Class of 2004. (Jakarta)
Laura Yoder. FES. PhD. 2002/4 dissertation research in East Timor & Java.
Omar Kiggundu. Class of 2004.
Ratna Oetama
Engineering. Master. 2004. (Jakarta)
Richard Payne. Anthropology. PhD.
Shelino. School of Management. 2003. (Jakarta)
Steve Rhee. FES. PhD. 2002/4 dissertation research in Kalimantan & Java.
Susli Lie. Class of 2006. (Jakarta).
Takeshi Ito. Political Science. PhD.
Thomas Conners. Linguistics. PhD. 2002/3 dissertation research in Java.
Yudhi Iskandarsyah. FES. Master. 2003.

Asri Adisasmita. Public Health. PhD. 2002. (Prof. Univ. of Indonesia. Jkt).
Danny Hermawan. Economics. M.A. 2002. (Analyst. Central Bank, Jakarta)
Iskandarloeddin. School of Drama (special program). 2002. (entrepeneur and lecturer at IKJ Jakarta and STSI Solo).
J.B.Hari Koestanto. Anthropology. PhD. 2002. (Prof. STT Drijakara. Jakarta)
Ramsay Ravenel. FES & School of Management. M.A.MBA. 2002.
Siti Mardiah. Forestry & Environmental Studies. M.A. 2002. (Bapedal, Jkt).
Wan Ning Lie. B.A. 2002. (Jakarta).

Dwi Sabardiana. Economics. M.A. 2001. (BPK. Jakarta)
Lutfi. Forestry & Environmental Studies. M.A. 2001. (Bapedal. Jakarta)

Joel Tesoro. Yale Class of 1996. Harvard Law School. 2003 - ...
Cambell Webb PhD. PostDoc Fellows. Moved to San Fransisco Summer '02.

*will be added.