1. Basic Information about the course

For up to date information on class schedules and times:
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Instructor: Indriyo Sukmono
Office: 315 Luce Hall
Tel: 436-4192
Office Hours: TBA
E-mail: indriyo.sukmono@yale.edu

2. Aim and Content of the Course

Students in this class are assumed to have taken (or mastered) beginning level of Indonesian for two semesters or three quarters (of Wolff, John. U., Oetomo, Dede and Fietkiewicz, Daniel. 1992. Beginning Indonesian Through Self-Instruction (Abbreviated BITSI) or have equivalent Indonesian language training. 

This class aims to improve students’ communicative competence in listening , speaking, reading and writing. While the class activities will still emphasize oral communicative skills, it will have more varied activities geared toward making their Indonesian more formal by practicing to use more complex sentences. In addition to attending the class with active participation, students are expected to prepare and do homework and practice using audio tapes: www.cls.yale.edu:8000/audio/db/index.html. 

Exercises and materials covered in this semester include:

2.1. Culture
Understand cultural aspects of language use and their application.

2.2. Basic grammar includes:
2.2.1. complex sentences 
2.2.2. verb forms with various affixation
2.2.3. noun forms with various affixation
2.2.4. comparatives and superlatives
2.2.5. reduplication

2.3. Listening and Reading
Comprehend dialogues (life, audio and/or video) and narration of colloquial and formal contemporary Indonesian in different cultural/social settings.

2.4. Speaking and Writing
Express orally and write personal experiences, description of a person, a place or a situation, a summary of readings and stories, and present a skit and write formal letters.

3. Textbook and materials

3.1. Own materials.

3.2. Wolff, John. U., Oetomo, Dede and Fietkiewicz, Daniel. 1992. Beginning Indonesian Through Self-Instruction (Abbreviated BITSI), Book 2 and Book 3. Cornell University Press. Itacha.

3.3. Students are required to listen to audio tapes for each lesson relating to the textbook before each class. Go to http://www.cls.yale.edu:8000/audio/db/index.html.

3.4. Other selected readings.

3.5. Echols, John & Shadily, Hasan. 1996. Indonesian English Dictionary. Gramedia. Jakarta.

4. Evaluation

Class participation including attendance: 20%
Homework: 10%
Projects: 15%
Quizzes: 30%
Midterm exam (written and oral): 10%
Final exam (written and oral): 15%

5. Out of Class Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in out of class activities such as weekly language table, film/video series, SEAS colloquium on Indonesian, SEAS cultural performance.