1. Basic Information about the course

For up to date information on class schedules and times:
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Instructor: Indriyo Sukmono
Office: 311 Luce Hall 
Tel: 436-4192
E-mail: indriyo.sukmono@yale.edu

2. Aim and Content of the Course

Introductory Indonesian Language aims to train students in basic communicative skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Since the class activities will emphasize oral communicative skills, class attendance and participation is especially important to develop this competence. In addition to listening-speaking practice, there will be exercises on grammar and reading passages. Students are expected to prepare and do homework and practice using audio available at the Center for Language Center (www.cls.yale.edu).

Exercises and materials covered in this semester include:

2.1. Pronunciation, intonation and sentence stress.

2.2. Basic grammar includes:
2.2.1. word order
2.2.2. active non-prefix verbs
2.2.3. prefixes for active construction (ber- and men-)
2.2.4. passive forms
2.2.5. prepositions (di, ke, dari, etc.)
2.2.6. basic transitive and intransitive verbs

2.3. Indonesian basic cultural information related to language use including:
2.3.1. meeting people and visiting a family
2.3.2. buying and going to the marker
2.3.3. neighborhood, houses and places to live
2.3.4. visitng and describing places
2.3.5. discussing life styles, hobbies, preferences, etc.

3. Class Activities

Basic pattern practice using communicative drills, dialogues, role plays, vocabulary building, listening to audio cassette, watching video and short readings.

4. Textbook and materials

4.1. Wolff, John. U., Oetomo, Dede and Fietkiewicz, Daniel. 1992. "Beginning Indonesian Through Self-Instruction" ( BITSI), Book 1 and Book 2. Cornell University Press. Itacha.

4.2. Students are required to listen to audio tapes for each lesson relating to the textbook
before each class. Go to http://www.cls.yale.edu.

4.3. Echols, John & Shadily, Hasan. 1996. Indonesian English Dictionary. Gramedia. Jakarta.

4.4. Development Materials (reading passages, exercises, homework and other assignments).

5. Evaluation

Class participation including attendance: 15%
Homework and Assignments: 15%
Quizzes: 40%
Midterm Exam (written and oral): 10%
Final Project (written and oral): 20%

6. Out of Class Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in out of class activities such as weekly language table, film/video series, talk-series organized by Yale Indonesia Forum, SEAS brown bags, SEAS Spring Festival and visits to cultural performances.