1. Basic Information about the course

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Instructor: Indriyo Sukmono
Office: 315 Luce Hall 
Tel: 436-4192
Office Hours: TBA
E-mail: indriyo.sukmono@yale.edu

2. Aim and Content of the Course

Students in this class are required to have taken (or mastered) intermediate Indonesian classes for two semesters or three quarters or have equivalent Indonesian language training. 

This class aims to advance students’ communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing through using reading materials from the Indonesian textbooks, e-mails, newsgroups, newspapers, magazines and other audio/video materials . 

The class activities include:

2.1. reading, listening or viewing the materials followed by discussion on the content (including its social and cultural aspects) in Indonesian.

2.2. students’ presentations and written assignments: summaries, interpretations, critiques, etc. of the materials.

2.3. discussion and exercises on the grammatical items and special idiomatic expressions.

2.4. meeting Indonesian students/families for interviews or sharing experiences.

By the completion of the semester, students are expected to have an advanced competence in:

2.5. effective comprehension of readings and other materials,

2.6. oral and written communication using the vocabularies, special idiomatic expressions and grammatical items which have been studied from the materials,

2.7. understanding and applying socio-cultural knowledge of the materials.

3. Reference

3.1. Wolff, John. Formal Indonesian. Cornell University Press. Ithaca.

3.2. Dardjowidjojo, Moeljono. Vocabulary Building in Indonesian. Ohio University Press. Athens.

3.3. Other selected readings related to students’ interest from recent Indonesian newspapers, magazines and e-mails/newsgroups.

3.4. Authentic audio and video materials from the radio/TV station and from other collections.

4. Evaluation

Class participation including attendance: 30%
Presentations: 30% 
Midterm project/exam: 15%
Final project/exam: 25%

5. Out of Class Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in out of class activities such as weekly language table, film/video series, SEAS colloquium on Indonesia, SEAS cultural performance.