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Yale University takes great pride in that for more than three hundred years, it has educated leaders and public servants for all sectors of American society and, increasingly, around the world. Yale’s tradition of leadership and public service is found in every branch of government in the United States. This tradition of public service by Yale graduates is exemplified by four of the last six American presidents, 526 members of United States Congress, 55 U.S. Cabinet secretaries, 19 Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, and former heads of state of Germany, Korea, and Mexico. Yale’s graduates are leaders in all areas of human endeavor—the arts, business, law, medicine, science, and civil society. Yale graduates have led or are leading hundreds of the most recognizable global brands.

For Yale's fourth century, Yale aspires to be a global institution by preparing our students for leadership and service in an increasingly interdependent world, by attracting the most talented students and scholars to Yale from around the world, and by positioning Yale as a global university of consequence. India will continue to play a vibrant role in Yale's ambitions and in the research and teaching activities of our faculty, students, and scholars. Yale is pleased to share its tradition of leadership and service by partnering with the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Government of India to commemorate the nation's achievements and to look ahead to the opportunities for India to realize its immense promise and capacity.