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Balloon Dilation of Aortic Coarctation

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Contributor: Heike Schneider, MD

Echo studies

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Clinical comments

Balloon angioplasty has emerged as an alternative to surgery for selected patients with native and recurrent (or residual) coarctation of the aorta. Since the procedureÕs inception in the early 1980s, improved balloon materials have led to reported immediate procedural success rates of 82% (in one cohort of 103 patients) for reducing trans-coarct pressure gradients to an average of 10 mm Hg.

In another study of 71 patients followed for 11 years undergoing balloon angioplasty for recoarctation after prior surgery, immediate success was achieved in 71%, and persisted in 69% of patients during long-term follow up. In that study the main determinant of immediate success was older age (range: 1 mo Š20 yrs). Extravasations, observed in one- quarter of the angiograms, did not progress to aneurysms.


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