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Secundum Atrial Septal Defect

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Because atrial septal defects can be associated with other types of congenital heart disease, it is imperative that a complete and thorough echocardiographic examination be performed.

Secundum atrial defects are well defined on echo from subcostal view and the defect can be sized. With use of color Doppler flow mapping, a qualitative assessment of shunting and its direction can be obtained.

The four-chamber apical view can assess the shunt-volume effects on size and wall thickness of the right ventricle, but is less reliable for accurately measuring the defect. The parasternal ventricular short axis view may show a flattened interventricular septum during diastole due to right ventricular volume overload. TEE can be extremely useful in diagnosis and management since it accurately displays the region of the atrial fossa where the secundum defects occur and can determine eligibility for catheter-guided closure.

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