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This web resource addresses a critical educational gap in the diagnosis and care of patients with congenital heart disease. Each year in the United States 32,000 babies are born with cardiovascular defects. Three quarters of these babies died in infancy or early childhood in the past but the successes of cardiovascular surgery and advances in medical technology have transformed that poor prognosis: now more than three quarters of babies born with congenital heart disease will live beyond childhood. Indeed, a new population of adolescents and adults with congenital heart disease has emerged. Over 500,000 adults are living with congenital heart disease today, and that number is increasing by 20,000 each year. Patients with congenital heart disease present unique diagnostic and therapeutic challenges to all physicians and health care professionals who care for them.

This website highlights the important role of dynamic echocardiography as well as other imaging techniques in the care of these patients. The software presumes familiarity with echocardiography and imaging modalities and with medical terminology. It is intended for an audience of physicians and health care professionals. Physicians who may find this site especially useful in practice include internists, family practioners, pediatrians, surgeons, as well as adult cardiologists and cardiologists in training. The goal of our educational team is to benefit these patients through a wider knowledge of their condition.

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