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Truncus arteriosus with calcified conduit, requiring re-operation

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Contributor: Gary Kopf, MD

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Echo 4C surgery


16 y.o. female with truncus arteriosus type II, underwent repair at 4 weeks of age, with VSD closure and insertion of a 12 mm porcine valved conduit from RV to PA. At age 2 1/2 she underwent conduit replacement with a 22mm aortic homograft. She has been asymptomatic. Recent echocardiography revealed conduit obstruction and proximal PA obstruction as well as moderately severe truncal (aortic) valve regurgitation.

Cath data: RVP=70, PAP 22, LVP 105/6. BP 110/50. Angiogram; aortic root dilation to 3.8 cm. PVR normal. Medications: vasotec. Weight 56 kg.


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