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Marfan's disease in a 30 y.o. pregnant woman

  Long axis echo

Contributor: Brian Abbott, MD


A 24-year-old African American woman presented to the high-risk obstetrics and gynecology service when she was 32 weeks pregnant. Physical examination revealed blood pressure of 102/50 and a pulse of 72. She was 6 feet 1 inches and 145 lbs. She had a marfanoid body habitus. Examination of the oropharynx revealed a high arched pallet. Examination of the chest revealed pectus excavatum, the lungs were clear to auscultation bilaterally.

Since she had a history of Marfan's syndrome and was in her last trimester of pregnancy, she was referred for echocardiography, which showed mitral valve prolapse with minimal mitral regurgitation. The shape of the aorta was consistent with Marfan's syndrome. Descending aorta was not dilated and the diameter measured 3.3 cm at sinus of Valsalva and 2.6 cm in ascending aorta. Chamber sizes and wall thickness were normal. Left ventricular ejection fraction was greater than 60%.

Other Studies: ECG revealed sinus rhythm and an incomplete right bundle branch block.



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