Cardiothoracic Imaging
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Introduction to Cardiothoracic Imaging
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NOTE: High-resolution versions of many of the medical illustrations used in this site are available for downloading from WikiMedia Commons. The images are scattered throughout the approriate anatomy categories of WikiMedia, but you can also use the category "Patrick Lynch" for a complete list of medical illustrations by Pat Lynch.

These illustrations were created in the 1980s and 1990s for various projects done by Yale Univesity's Center for Advanced Instructional Media (1987-2000). All are availble for commerical and non-commerical uses under a Creative Commons 2.5 attribution license, which only requires that you acknowledge the source and illustrator in your uses of the images.

Please do not contact us for permissions, please see the Creative Commons license for details; you are free to use the images for all commercial and non-commerical uses, and you are free to create your own derivative works from these images, under the Creative Commons attribution license. Please credit the images as "CC Patrick J. Lynch and C. Carl Jaffe, Yale University, 2006."

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