[an error occurred while processing this directive] This is a list of questions/answers that users commonly have when trying to set up or run their ARA connections. It is not a description of what ARA is, for that check out our ARA information page.

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ARA Frequently Asked Questions

Q0: I can't connect to Student ARA!!!!!

A0: The Student ARA modem lines have been merged with the Faculty ARA lines. The old Student ARA phone number (764-9509) has been disconnected. All students with ARA accounts should now use the joint ARA line (432-5807). Faculty and staff should continue using 432-5807 as well.

Q1: What's the phone number for ARA?

A1: Quick Answer: 432-5807.

Long Answer: You should have gotten it with your instructions for ARA, but here's a list of all of them. If you would like the instructions on installing ARA please use the WWW page or obtain them from the User Accounts office at 175 Whitney Avenue.

Q2: How do I set the configuration so that ARA knows I'm calling from an on-campus phone, from a local off-campus phone, or from a long-distance phone?

A2: Simply change the dialing phone number from the settings window. The ARA number, for example, is 432-5807. If you are calling long distance, change it to 1 203 432-5807. If you are calling on-campus, it would be 2-5807.

Q3: I have call waiting and I want to turn it off, or I have a special PBX, a calling card, or some other reason for changing the phone number. How do I do it?

A3: Open the ARA seetings window. To turn off call waiting, for example, the phone number should be preceded by "*70," as in *70,432-5807 where xxxx represents the particular PPP line you're dialing in to.

Q4: I have a Powerbook with an internal modem or a desktop Mac with an Apple Geoport Modem. Is there anything special I should know?

A4: Funny you should ask. First, make sure you have the latest copy of the Express/Geoport modem software if you have an Apple Express modem or a Geoport modem. You can obtain this at http://www.info.apple.com.

If you have a Global Village Modem, please contact them to make sure you have the latest software. You can try FTPing the software from Global Village's FTP Site -- look for a file called something like "2.5 Scripts".

Then, open the ARA window and select either "internal modem" or "modem port." If neither of these show up, and if you have an Apple Express modem, open the Express Modem control panel and make sure the modem is turned on.

Then, open the "Powerbook Setup" control panel and make sure your modem is set to the internal modem and also that it is configured in "normal" mode.

Q5: I'm getting a strange error when I open Netscape or Telnet: "Netscape: can't open socket, Telnet: MacTCP error"

A5: We suspect gremlins have invaded the IIC. What's happened is that the "zone" for your ARA connection is set incorrectly. Open the MacTCP control panel, right under the "LocalTalk" icon it should incorrectly say "Dial 4" or "Dept. CIS". You want to change this by clicking and holding down the pop-up and selecting:

Reboot your machine, restart ARA, and see if it doesn't work. If it doesn't.... give us a call.

Q6: My modem isn't communicating at the top speed with ARA, it drops in the middle of a session, or I can't connect at all... I heard that I need a "CCL" file, whatsup with that?

A6: A CCL file is the modem Command Control Language file that ARA uses to configure your modem (initialization strings), dial a number and disconnect. They use this "high-tech" method because they wanted ARA to be independent of any modem protocol or technology. The good news is that if you ever wanted to use ISDN over ARA (no, we don't support it), you'd just need a new CCL. The bad news is that for best permformance, you need the appropriate CCL for your modem.

Where can you get your proper CCL file? It usually comes with most Macintosh modems. For example, this is what the Megahertz 28.8 CCL looks like. I found it in an obscure folder called "Connection Kit" when I installed the Megahertz software:


With Global Village software, they hide it in a folder called "Modem Scripts." You want the file called "GV Mercury/Silver/Gold 1.0".

You need to drag this CCL file to the System Folder, where it will get automatically installed in the Extensions folder. Then, you need to select your proper CCL file in ARA:


As you can tell, ARA already comes with some (very old) CCLs installed. You can use them (bad idea), or get newer CCLs from your vendor (better idea). Here are some vendor links:

There is a known problem with Global Village Platinum modems not connecting properly with ARA. The symptoms are not connecting properly or the GV modem hanging up in the middle of a session. The workaround is to use PPP or to contact Global Village and ask them if they have a CCL file that will cure all your problems.

Supra FaxModem 288's don't connect properly unless you download v7.4.2 or higher of the CCL file from their WWW site. The CCL file that comes with many of their modems is out of date and doesn't work properly.

If you bought a generic or el-cheapo modem that didn't appear to come with a CCL and wasn't purchased from Yale, the best thing to do is to look in your manual for your modem, and see if they have a 800 technical support number. Or better yet, a World Wide Web (WWW) or FTP site. You can download the CCL from there, install it and off you go.

Because of the myriad modems available, the IIC can only provide limited support in terms of getting you the proper CCL file. The best thing by far is to call the modem manufacturer and ask them what to do.

Q7: When I try to connect using ARA, I get the error message "Modems can't connect".

A7: In most cases, this is because you don't have the right CCL file (see Question 6 above), but it also comes up if you clicked on the "Use Dial Assist" button without filling out any information in Dial Assist.

So first check to make sure you haven't clicked on Dial Assist. If you have, turn it off or fill out the information (Dial Assist is a program that makes it easy for frequent commuters, frequent fliers to change the area code/country code in a flash).

If the modems still can't connect, try updating your CCL, see above. There is a known problem with Global Village Platinum modems not connecting properly with ARA. The symptoms are not connecting properly or the GV modem hanging up in the middle of a session. The workaround is to use PPP or to contact Global Village and ask them if they have a CCL file that will cure all your problems.

Q8: Why do I get MacTCP errors when I dial the new ARA number (432-5807)?

A8: If you were dialing the old student number, your software is incorrectly set to use the student ARA zone. You can change this by going to your Control Panels (under the Apple menu) and open MacTCP (or TCP/IP, whichever one you have in your Control Panels).

When you open up MacTCP and select LocalTalk, you will see a little box underneath the icon labeled "CIS Student ARAP": click on it and select the zone labeled "CIS ARAP" instead.

If you have TCP/IP, the process is similar but you'll have to click on the button labeled "Select Zone" to see the Zone list. [an error occurred while processing this directive]