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This is a list of questions/answers that users commonly have when trying to set up or run their PPP connections. If you received a printed version of this document, please be aware that the most up-to-date version is available on the Web at http://www.yale.edu/iic/trouble/new-winnt-ppp-faq.html.

List of Questions

List of Answers

Q1: I am going to be dialing up to my PPP account from another area code and I need to tell Dial-Up Networking to make it a long distance call. How do I do that? Also, how can I disable Call Waiting? How can I add a prefix to get an outside line?

A1: Open Dial-Up Networking from My Computer. Find the listing which is your PPP connection to Yale (it's probably called "Yale PPP"). Click on the "Location" button near the bottom of the dialog box. This is where information is stored about the location your are dialing from. You can either edit the information that is here if you are only planning to make the change once (eg., disabling Call Waiting), or else you might want to add a new location so that you can switch back and forth between your current settings (eg., local call) and the new settings (eg., long distance call).

To add a new location, type in a new name and then click the New button. Fill in the appropriate information, such as area code and prefixes for that location. When you are done, click the OK button to save your changes and exit.

Now, back at the "Dial-Up Networking" dialog box, you can use the pull-down list near the bottom, labeled "Dialing from", to pick the location you are dialing from. This will automatically apply any relevant changes to the phone number, calling long distance if that is appropriate, as well as adding any prefixes you have specified.

Q2: I'm getting an "Error 5: Access is denied" error message. I've double-checked that I'm entering my NetID and password correctly, I'm dialing the correct phone number, I've contacted User Accounts to make sure there's no problem with my account. Is there anything else that could be going on?

A2: First of all, make sure you're not entering anything in the "Domain" box when you log in.

If you've changed your password recently and you have Dial-Up Networking set to save your password, you may need to reset your password. To do this:

When you next dial in, you should be prompted for your password.
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