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PPP or ARA for Macintosh -- Installation Instructions


System Requirements

PPP/ARA at Yale
In order to use a PPP or an ARA connection at Yale, you must have a Yale NetID and password that are registered either for a PPP or an ARA account.  This service is not free. For information on pricing and how to sign up for PPP or ARA, please contact User Accounts in the Information Technology Services building at 175 Whitney Avenue (432-6627). The Dial-Up Network Access Software is available on CD or on floppy disks, and can be obtained at the User Accounts office. Some of the network applications will require additional customization before use. Instructions for customizing Eudora Pro are available at http://www.yale.edu/iic/use.html. Yale's modems currently support the Kflex 56K protocol. If you have an X2 56K modem, you will not be able to get a connection faster than 33600 bps. Yale will be upgrading to the v.90 protocol in late fall 1998.
Installing PPP or ARA for Macintosh

To install the PPP/ARA network software, you will have to follow the following steps:

We'll go over each step in detail in the following pages.

Step 0: Install ARA Client (if applicable)

If you will be using ARA, then you should first install the ARA Client software. Do so now, following the instructions that come with ARA. You will need the following Yale-specific information:

Step 1: Install the network software Step 2:  Configure the PPP software (if applicable) Step 3:  Configure the network software

Before you can use Eudora (for email), you will need to do some configuration.  Please consult the Eudora Pro configuration instructions before running Eudora.

Step 4: Open a PPP or ARA connection

For PPP customers:

For ARA customers: Step 5: Use your Network software

Once your PPP or ARA connection has been established, you can run any of the software contained in the "Dialup Applications" folder on your Desktop.  Click on "Other Network Software" to find "Email/Personal Accounts", "Internet Tools", "Information Services" and other useful software.

Step 6: Close your PPP/ARA connection

Although Yale doesn't bill by the hour for your connection time, you will want to still close your PPP/ARA connection when you're not using it so that 1) your friends can call you by phone and 2) so that you can free up our resources so that other people can enjoy the internet as well.

To close your PPP or ARA connection, first make sure you've quit from any Internet programs that are running. Then, select "Close PPP Connection" from the Phone menu at the top right of your screen (for PPP), or select "Disconnect Remote Access" from your Apple Menu (for ARA).

Getting Help (or, what to do if it doesn't work)

If you have problems or questions, and you have access to a working internet connection, check our the troubleshooting section of our home page:  http://www.yale.edu/iic/.  If you don't find the answer to your question there, please contact the Internet Information Center at iic@yale.edu or at 432-5116. You are also welcome to stop by between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday -- we're located in the Information Technology Services building at 175 Whitney Avenue.

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