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Please connect to the ACS Software Site for network software. If you are looking for the network software that used to be on this page, it is still available from the IIC FTP site.

From this page you can still download software for terminal dialin connections.

Terminal Dialin (Shell Access) Programs

MacKermit (and ZTerm)

MacKermit (which replaces the old TinCan program) is a very simple terminal emulation program that allows you to dial into Yale through your modem. This gives you basic access to the Internet resources, including Minerva/Pantheon, e-mail, and the world wide web (WWW). If you are only accessing e-mail, you can also use Dialup-Eudora Pro 3 (below).

RECOMMENDED: If you can afford the $30 registration fee, we highly highly recommend the shareware program ZTerm. You'll have to configure it manually for Yale since we can't distribute a modified copy. The most important thing to configure in ZTerm is that at Yale we use "VT100" terminal emulation (the default in ZTerm is "PC-ANSI BBS").

Dialup-Eudora Pro 3 (not for use with PPP or ARA)

Eudora Pro provides a simple way to access your e-mail using a graphical Macintosh program. You can easily send and receive e-mail attachments using Eudora Pro. You do not need a ARA or PPP account in order to use Dialup-Eudora Pro. Note that this is an older version of Eudora Pro, since the newer versions do not support non-PPP/ARA dialup. [an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive]