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If you know what it is you're looking for but aren't sure which links to follow to find it you can try running a search on our files. You can also take a look at the list of all the documents we maintain, or browse through our Glossary of Networking Terms.

Alta-Vista Search Engine

Digital Electronics Corporation's Alta-Vista search engine is the fastest and most complete one we know of. We've written a little hack that allow you to only search the IIC home pages, the entire World Wide Web, or entire USENET newsgroups. The search form at the top of every IIC WWW page uses Alta-Vista as well, but is permanently restricted to IIC WWW pages only. Don't use connectors such as AND/OR. The first word is the significant one and the second one will prioritze the search but not limit it. Don't include "IIC" because you're already searching within our WWW space and it'll only confuse the search engine. Examples: Supra..... or .... PPP Macintosh.... or ... PC modem


Yale Harvest Search Engine

This form allows you to search the IIC home pages as well as various subsets of Yale's online presence. The YaleWeb index refers to those pages residing on the machine www.yale.edu. Help on formulating queries is available. You can also run a more sophisticated advanced search.

Enter a search term :

Pick an index to search :

Press a button to submit your query or reset the form:

InfoSeek Net Search is a fast, accurate, and comprehensive way to search the Web. Just type your question in plain English, or enter as many words and phrases as you need to describe what you want to find. Search Tips gives you more information on formulating queries. The only problem with InfoSeek is that it's hard to limit your searches and the darn commercials!

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