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Thomas C. Barry

    Mr. Barry was a member of the Yale College class of 1966. It was a Yale fellowship that provided him an opportunity to visit Chile as a junior that propelled him into the field of Latin-American studies, then a fledgling department at Yale. His passion for tackling problems in developing countries led him to Harvard Business School and eventually into fund management where he has used his experience to successfully invest in emerging markets in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. In a sense, Mr. Barry never left Yale (two of three children have attended the college) and his involvement and energy in expanding fellowship opportunities has been boundless. He frequently visits the International Education and Fellowship Office at Yale and takes a very active role in the development and promotion of his fellows. He organizes dinners for fellows several times a year where he listens to student experiences, invites distinguished guests such as the Yale World Fellows and always entertains with wise anecdotes.