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Barry Fellowship Alum Spotlight

Annie Hirschhorn, 2006 Barry Fellow

In the summer of 2006, Annie Hirschhorn spent nine weeks in the southern peninsula outside Cape Town, South Africa doing two teaching projects with a program called WorldTeach International. For the first month she helped run an entrepreneurial education program for seventh graders from a local township elementary school. The other half of the volunteers concurrently led a computer course for residents of the same area. The second month she was placed in the senior primary phase (grades 4-7) of the Simonstown School and divided her time between the different classes. She served as a substitute teacher in Grade 5 for a week and taught art class for all four senior primary grades for the duration of her stay.

Annie spent the spring of 2007 in Paris, France. She hopes to help recruit for WorldTeach on the Yale campus and further pursue a career in education. In addition, she is interested in setting up a possible fund or exchange between her high school in Washington DC and the Simonstown School. She says "both are similar in that they teach Kindergarten through 12th grade all on one campus with a diverse faculty and student body."