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Advice from Past Barry Fellows

Barry Fellows are always interested in talking to you about developing your project. Former fellows may help you find the right contact or professor, whether you want to work in education or health and travel in Vietnam or Kenya.


Fellows’ Projects by Region

Avani Dholakia - India
Patrick McCarthy - China
Christine Nguyen - Vietnam
Emily Biesecker - Philippines
Bethany Shady - India

Bevin Peters - Kenya
Kelsy Sargent - Kenya
Anne Hirschhorn - South Africa

Latin America
Arvind Nagarajan - Ecuador
Alexander Soble - Mexico
Samantha Hennessey - Mexico

Fellows’ Projects by Research subject

Bevin Peters
Patrick McCarthy
Christine Nguyen
Avani Dholakia

Arvind Nagarajan
Emily Biesecker

Bevin Peters
Alexander Soble
Samantha Hennessey
Anne Hirschhorn
Kelsy Sargent

Bethany Shady

Advice From Past Barry Fellows

As a supplement, here is some advice from past fellows: