Interactions between international actors are becoming more relevant to geopolitical stability in the increasingly interdependent world we live in. In today's world, international conflicts not only concern those who are involved, but also the rest of the global community. ICRG consists of a group of Yale students dedicated to fostering awareness of international conflicts that do not receive sufficient attention. Each year, we organize a conference focusing on a different conflict in which participants present their own points of view as well as engage in constructive discussion. To date, ICRG has organized two immensely successful conferences that have attracted leading statesmen, businessmen and scholars: Bridging the Gap: A Conference On Turkish-Greek Relations (1999) and Bordering On Peace: A Conference On India-Pakistan Relations (2001). Click here for more detailed information about previous conferences.

The 2002 Conference

This year, the ICRG chose to shift its focus away from bilateral conflicts toward a  “conflict” that supercedes religion, race and borders and demands the international community’s immediate and continued attention. The title of the International Conflict Research Group’s 2002 conference was "HIV/AIDS as a Threat To Global Security." Click here for more information.


THANK YOU!!!! To all those who contributed to making the 2002 ICRG conference the immense success that it was. In particular we wish to thank the sponsors of the conference: the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, the Yale Center for International and Area Studies (YCIAS), the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS at Yale (CIRA) and the Orville H., Jr. Schell Center for International Human Rights.  We also wish to thank Dean Michael Merson for all his support and patience; we extend the same thanks to all our faculty moderators.  Finally we wish to thank our wonderful staff for all their hard work and dedication.  This conference would not have been possible without all the individuals and organizations mentioned.  Thanks once again.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE POST-CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS. In this document you will find a transcription of all the speeches and/or presentations that were delivered by our distinguished panelists throughout the course of the conference.  We hope that you enjoy them! 
Please note, however, that Mr. Stephen Lewis (who delivered the closing address) has not yet finished editing the transcription of his speech.  Please check website frequently for the updated version of the post-conference proceedings!


We are thrilled to announce the new conference Co-Directors: Naysan Rafati and Sulmaan Khan will be taking over and we wish them the best of luck.  Please visit the website regularly for any updates on next year's conference topic.  As always your suggestions are appreciated.  Please email either Naysan ( or Sulmaan ( for further information.
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