INTERNATIONAL CENTER for Yale Students and Scholars



Visiting Scholars in Residence at the International Center

The International Center includes work spaces for nine visiting scholars.  These spaces are available for use by visiting research scholars by reservation (the application must be made by the hosting Yale department business manager).

Preference will be given to scholars who will be in residence for one or two semesters and for whom space cannot be located elsewhere at Yale.

Each space (similar to a library carrel) provides a work area with either wireless or internet access and storage for materials.  Six of the spaces have desktop computers for use by individuals who do not have their own laptops.  Telephone, fax, and printer/copier are available for shared use.

The host department must arrange a Yale ID card, network ID, and email account for the scholar - all to be charged to the department.  The visiting scholar will be given 24/7 building access via a Yale ID card.

  Scholar Work Space Floor Plan


Application Information for Yale Department Administrators

If you find yourself asking, "Our department is going to host a visiting scholar.  How do I apply for scholar work space at the International Center?" then look no further.  As a hosting Yale department administrator, you will need to complete and submit this application form.

If you have questions or would like more information about visiting scholar space at the International Center, please do not hesitate to contact us.