Human Research Protection Program


IRB Members & Staff

Yale University’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) maintains Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) to provide the ethical review and oversight of its human research endeavors. The IRBs have the authority to grant exemption from review, approve, disapprove, require modification in research protocols and monitor research to ensure that the rights and welfare of research participants are adequately protected.

Yale’s HRRP recognizes that federal guidance and societal thinking related to the protection of human research participants continues to evolve. Therefore, IRB members and staff should use this site to obtain the information necessary to stay current with federal requirements and Yale policy. Checklists, reference materials, educational offerings and other information is provided to ensure that IRB members and staff are equipped to fulfill their obligations in the participation or support of these critical IRB review functions.



IRB Infoshorts

September 2012: Conflict of Interest in Research

October 2012: HRPP Compliance

November 2012: Children's Findings

January 2013: Congruency

February 2013: Presenting a Protocol

April 2013: Expedited Review (HIC), Expedited Review (HSC)

May 2013: Approval Criteria

June 2013: Informed Consent Requirements

July 2013: Policy Changes

September 2013: IND Determinations

October 2013: Results of the AAHRPP Visit

December 2013: The Declaration of Helsinki

February 2014: The HRPP FYI Process/ UPIRSO SAE Review Sheet

June 2014: Central IRBs



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