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Human Investigation Committee (HIC) Forms, Templates & Instructions


Note to Investigators

Using Medical Students as Research Subjects? Click HERE to view the policy regarding the Committee to Review Student Participation in Research.

IRB forms are periodically revised to meet changing regulatory or other requirements. For this reason, applications submitted on forms that are outdated by more than 2 months will not be accepted


HIC Protocol Submissions for Full Board Review (6/26/12)

New protocols and amendments to approved protocols requiring full board review will undergo regulatory review by HIC staff and will be scheduled to a meeting when the review process is complete. Protocols submitted in a timely manner for annual renewal will be scheduled to a meeting within 30 days prior to expiration.

Are you a physician or physician scientist interested in serving on a biomedical IRB? Click here for information.


Instructions for Non-Coeus Submissions:

Email for submissions:hic.submissions@yale.eduPlease be advised that emailing submissions to individual HIC staff members or other HIC email addresses will NOT be accepted.

Please, include expiration date in the subject line for requests for renewals!

General Instructions:


New Applications:

Renewals & Closure:


Expanded Access and Emergency Use:

Adverse Event and Unanticipated Problems Invloving Risks to Subjects or Others (UPIRSOs):

Protocol Deviations & Noncompliance


National Cancer Institute CIRB Documents:

Documents for WIRB review:



Informed Consent:

Short Forms:

Translated HIPAA Research Authorization forms are also available. They are posted under policy 5032 on HIPAA website. Click HERE to locate them.