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Submitting to the HIC?

If you are not a COEUS electronic user click HERE for detailed instructions on how to submit your research proposal(s) to the HIC. Please follow these instructions AS WRITTEN to ensure that your submission is handled efficiently.



The HRPP is pleased to announce that a new IRES IRB electronic protocol submission system for our research community will begin rolling out as of July 12, 2016.

The first group of researchers to migrate over to the new system will be the Cardiology Department, whose protocols are reviewed by the HIC III committee. Once this group is fully functioning with the system, we will begin migrating other departments. We will ensure that all departments are given advance notice of their migration, and we will schedule training sessions prior to each department going live.

Many hours have been dedicated to making this new system user friendly, reliable and efficient. We strived to provide PIs and study personnel with a system that aids in a smoother protocol submission, review and approval process.

Departments who have not yet been notified that they are going live with IRES IRB will continue to submit as usual (e.g., if you use Coeus, continue to use Coeus; if you email your submissions, continue to email). The IRB office will be using Coeus, email, and IRES IRB submission systems concurrently until everyone has been transitioned to using IRES IRB.

Thank you for working with us throughout this exciting transition period!

Any questions please contact


Attention Research Community!

Hartford HealthCare (HHC) is hosting a national conference with OHRP that you might find interesting:

“Foundations of Trust: Connecting Our Community to Research.”

  • When: October 25-26, 2016
  • Where: Hartford Marriott Downtown Hotel

See attached flyer for more information.


Policy, Procedure and Guidance -IMPORTANT UPDATES (December 18, 2015)

Policy 100: Revised criteria for granting Category 7 Exemption to apply only to unfunded research

Guidance 100 GD2: Revised criteria for granting 2-year extended approval period to apply only to unfunded research


HRPP Training Calendar: please click HERE



Newly formed Yale University Radioactive Drug Research Committee (Yale RDRC)

Yale University has established a new FDA approved Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) with Dr. Albert Sinusas as the committee Chair. Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) will be closing out the YNHH RDRC, and transferring all protocols to the Yale RDRC.  Faculty researchers conducting research at the University that requires RDRC approval should no longer submit these applications to the Yale New Haven Hospital RDRC as this committee is not receiving or reviewing research protocols going forward.  The Yale RDRC will continue to work in conjunction with the Yale University Radiation Safety Committee (RSC).

On behalf of the Yale University academic community we would like to acknowledge Dr. Ravinder Nath and the YNHH RDRC committee members for their tremendous efforts in operation of the RDRC on behalf of Yale University investigators for many years.


Yale University Radioactive Drug Research Committee (Yale RDRC):

The information and instructions on this website will be modified and updated with operation of the new Yale RDRC, so please check this website prior to any submissions for changes. Click HERE for policies and forms.

For questions regarding the application process, approvals and/or future committee meeting dates and deadlines, please contact Donna McMahon at


IRB Forms Notice:

The Yale University Institutional Review Board (HIC/HSC) periodically revises forms that are required for submission (e.g., new application, renewal form, amendment form, etc.). Changes to the forms generally are based on information that is required to provide the reviewer with accurate and up-to-date information and/or due to changes in regulations or University policies. You must always use the form that is currently posted on the HRPP forms website. All forms are periodically reviewed to meet changing regulatory or other requirements.  For this reason, applications submitted on forms that are outdated by more than 2 months will not be accepted. To ensure that you are using the most current form, please always refer to the HRPP website or the COEUS link each time you need to complete a form for your specific submission.  DO NOT keep template forms on your computer.

Examples of requirements and questions:

1. “Request for Approval of a Social/Behavioral/Educational Study". This form, which is posted on both the social/behavioral and biomedical forms pages, provides a structured application format for those studies that do not include treatment interventions.

2. List the Business Manager and contact information.

3. Funding Source: Indicate ALL of the CURRENT and ACTIVE funding source(s) for this study.

4. Has the funding source changed since this HIC application was last renewed?

5. Did the protocol lapse?If, so complete the following questions (omitted here):

IRB Fees:

Please note, Effective January 1, 2015, HIC protocols with start date on or after January 1, 2015, will be subject to the new IRB fees at prevailing rates. These rates are NOT locked for the duration of the contract. The change in IRB fees structure is based on a 2014 study of IRB fees charged for industry-sponsored applications across the United States. Please click here to view the new IRB Fees Schedule.


Reminder to Investigators Regarding NIH JIT Submissions:

As of June 16, 2014, for NIH JIT Submissions, a protocol /proposal congruency form (100 FR26) completed by the proposal PI must be submitted to the HIC/HSC as part of the protocol application or amendment process. The form is posted on our website under Forms.

Important Update:


Effective April 15, 2014, the Yale University Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) revised IRB Policy 710 and related procedures (the policy and procedure for reporting adverse events and unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects or others (UPIRSOs) to the IRB). The changes are as follows:

  • The revised policy requires reporting of internal events (i.e., events that occur at a study site under the jurisdiction of a Yale IRB) within 5 calendar days of the Principal Investigator becoming aware of the event.
  • The revised policy requires, to the extent possible, immediate notification to the IRB of all events that might require a temporary or permanent interruption of research activity, and
  • The revised policy requires reporting of external events (i.e., events that occur at a study site NOT under the jurisdiction of a Yale IRB) within 15 calendar days of the Principal Investigator becoming aware, but only if an amendment to the protocol and/or consent documentation is necessary at Yale.

To aid in understanding reportable events, the new policy includes a decision tree for study personnel to use. In addition, a single reporting form has replaced the previous reporting forms and has been designed to capture required information, to direct the researcher in assessing the event, and to capture the IRB process of event review.

The revised Policy 710 and related documents went in effect as of April 15, 2014. Please review the revised documents carefully. If you have any questions, submit them via email to








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