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About Flexible Work Arrangements
As an organization that aspires to be an Employer of Choice, Yale recognizes that flexible work arrangements offer creative approaches to meeting the operational needs of the University while promoting balance between work and personal life for its staff. Depending on the needs of the department, flexible work options may be an alternative to a traditional work schedule that has many benefits.  Staff may experience improved morale, attendance, and productivity while departments may find the opportunity to expand their customer service hours and reduce costs.

With flexible work arrangements, Yale staff members are better able to schedule work around their personal obligations and responsibilities which can lead to an increased sense of personal control and greater workplace satisfaction. The opportunity to vary commuting schedules to avoid rush-hour traffic or altogether eliminate the daily commute can reduce stress for staff and provide relief to personal travel expenses associated with driving to and from work every day. Moreover, the local community benefits when the need for driving to campus is lessened, supporting Yale’s commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

To assist supervisors and employees with planning and implementing flexible work arrangements, please view the following resources including forms, guides, and training opportunities:

General information
For more information, contact your HR Generalists to discuss flexible scheduling options. Staff may also contact the Yale WorkLife program manager, Susan Abramson, via email at worklife@yale.edu or by phone at 203-432-8069.