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  • Consumer Action Handbook
    U.S. General Services Administration
    2004 (Guide)

  • Neighborhood Government
    Kotter, Milton
    1969 (Book)

  • The Encyclopedia of American Government
    many different authors
    1981 (Book)

WorkLife Balance

  • 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management
    Smith, Hyrum
    1995 (Book)

  • A Journey of Work-Life Renewal
    Michaels, Bonnie & Seef, Michael
    2003 (Book)

  • Alter Your Life
    Hall, Kathleen
    2005 (Book)

  • Authors Bid Farewell to Work-Life Column
    Pope, Kyle and Tara Parker-Pope

  • Balancing Work and Family for Faculty: Why It's Important
    Curtis, John W.
    2004 (Article)

  • Career-Minded Fathers Still Play a Vital Role
    Shellenbarger, Sue

  • Career-Minded Parents Face Thorny Questions
    Shellenbarger, Sue

  • Do Babies Matter? The Effect of Family Formation on the Lifelong Careers of Academic Men & Women (Parts I and II)
    Mason, Mary Ann & Marc Goulden
    2002 (Journal)

  • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work
    Carlson, Richard
    1998 (Book)

  • Father Friendly
    Kaplan-Leiserson, Eva
    2004 (Article)

  • Fear Factor: How Safe Is It to Make Time for Family?
    Ward, Kelly & Wolf-Wendel, Lisa
    2004 (Article)

  • Get a Life!
    Miller, Jody & Matt
    2005 (Article)

  • Getting To The Heart Of The Matter
    Link, E.G. "Jay"
    1999 (Book)

  • IACOCCA: An Autobiography by Lee Iacocca
    Iacocca, Lee
    1984 (Book)

  • Joy At Work: A revolutionary approach to fun on the job
    Bakke, Dennis
    2005 (Book)

  • Keep Dinner From Being Another Work-Life Burden
    Pope, Kyle and Tara Parker Pope

  • Keeping Work and Life in Balance
    Powers, Vivki
    2004 (Article)

  • Life Balance
    2003 (Book)

  • Lifescripts
    Pollan, Stephen & Mark Levine
    1996 (Book)

  • Loving Your Job, Finding Your Passion
    Allegretti, Joseph
    2000 (Book)

  • Lunch Offers Balance Amid the Busy Work Day
    Pope, Kyle and Tara Parker Pope

  • Making Effective Presentations: Some Tips
    2000 (Guide)

  • Management Style Key to Work-life and Business Success
    Mosqueda, Mary (Palmer & Cay)

  • Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change
    Bridges, William
    1991 (Book)

  • Missed Opportunities
    Yale Nursing Matters
    2000 (Article)

  • New Work Habits for Radically Changing World
    Pritchett, Price

  • Office Feng Shui
    Wilner, Anne
    2005 (Article)

  • One Income or Two? A Tough Choice for Parents
    Opdyke, Jeff

  • Overcoming the Struggle To Be Home After School
    Pope, Kyle and Tara Parker Pope

  • Parents of Disabled Kids Face Work-Life Extremes
    Shellenbarger, Sue

  • Playground Parents Make Office Politics Look Easy
    Pope, Kyle and Tara Parker Pope

  • Poor Work-Life Balance Can Affect Your Waistline
    Pope, Kyle and Tara Parker Pope

  • Quantity & Quality Count In a Dad's Balanced Life
    Pope, Kyle and Tara Parker Pope

  • Readers Share Hints For Finding Balance
    Pope, Kyle and Tara Parker Pope

  • Seuss-isms for Success
    Peters, Tom
    1999 (Book)

  • Sexual Bargaining
    Scanzoni, John
    1985 (Book)

  • Strategies for Surviving Your Flexible Schedule
    Shellenbarger, Sue

  • Talking From 9 To 5
    Tannen, Deborah Ph.D.

  • Talking Your Boss Into Flexible Work Hours
    Shellenbarger, Sue

  • Team Building: Blueprints for Productivity and Satisfaction
    Reddy, W.B., Jamison, K.
    1988 (Book)

  • The Baby Gamble
    Labi, Nadya
    2002 (Article)

  • The National Work-Life Initiative
    1995 (Article)

  • The Opt-Out Revolution
    Lisa Belkin, Lisa
    2003 (Magazine)

  • The Stress Work Book
    Warren, Eve & Caroline Toll
    1997 (Book)

  • The Stress Work Book
    Warren, Eve & Toll, Caroline
    1994 (Book)

  • The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home and Home Becomes Work
    Hochschild, Arlie Russell
    1997 (Book)

  • The Work--Family Challenge
    Lewis, Suzan and Jeremy Lewis
    1996 (Book)

  • The Working Mother's Guide to Life
    Mason, Linda
    2002 (Book)

  • The Working Parents Handbook
    Kollenberg, Kit and June Solnit Sale
    1996 (Book)

  • When Administrators Marry- Balancing high-pressure jobs and family life calls for some closed-door negotiations
    Jacobson, Jennifer
    2004 (Article)

  • Work + Life
    Yost, Cali Williams
    2004 (Book)

  • Work: The Great Escape
    Hochschild, Arlie Russell
    1997 (Magazine)

  • Working Family Values Factoids
    1998 (Article)

  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Having it All (but were afraid to hear)
    Welch, Jack
    (Excerp from Book)

  • Work-Life Update
    Seitel, Susan
    2003 (Article)

  • You can Negotiate Anything
    Cohen, Herb
    1980 (Book)

  • You Don't Have To Go Home From Work Exhausted!
    McGee-Cooper, Ann
    1992 (Book)

  • You Want Me To Do WHAT?
    DeMars, Nan
    1998 (Book)

  • You Want Me To Do What?
    DeMars, Nan
    1997 (Book)