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  • Alzheimer's Slow Unraveling
    2003 (Article)

  • Fitness One Day at a Time
    Lencki, Tim
    2004 (Book)

  • Healthy Expectations: A Guide
    various issues (Guide)

  • Heartsaver CPR
    American Heart Association

  • On the Run
    Waitz, Grete
    1997 (Book)

  • The Culprit & The Cure
    Aldana, Steven G.
    2005 (Book)

  • The Dangers of Microwave Cooking
    1999 (Article)

  • The No Sweat Exercise Plan
    Simon, Harvey B.
    2006 (Book)


  • A Brief History of Everything
    Wilber, Ken
    2000 (Book)

  • A Broken Heart Still Beats
    McCracken, Anne
    1998 (Book)

  • A Change for the Better
    Whyte, David
    2002 (Book)

  • A Guide for the Perplexed
    Schumacher, E.F.
    1977 (Guide)

  • Another World is Possible
    Davis, Angela and Eduardo Galeano
    2000 (Book)

  • Bringing Your Soul To Work
    Peppers, Cheryl & Alan Briskin
    2000 (Book)

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
    Canfield, Hansen, Rogerson, Rutte, & Claus
    1996 (Book)

  • Creating an Imaginative Life
    Jones, Michael
    1995 (Book)

  • Developing Balanced Sensitivity
    Berzin, Alexander
    1998 (Book)

  • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Workbook
    Carlson, Richard
    1998 (Book)

  • Dying in America
    Lichtman, richard
    2001 (Book)

  • Everything is Waiting for You
    Whyte, david
    1999 (Book)

  • Express Gratitude and Improve your Life
    Lewis, Peg Rev.
    2003 (Article)

  • Frontier Conversations: The Inner Necessities of Leadership
    Whyte, David
    1999 (Guide)

  • Grandma Goes To Law School: Why it's never too late to live your dreams
    Goldstein, Jeremy
    2004 (Book)

  • Grieving: A Beginners Guide
    McCormack, Jerusha
    2006 (Book)

  • How the Most Important Trend of Our Time Will Change Your Future
    Dychtwald, Ken
    1990 (Book)

  • Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Mediatation
    Davey, H.E.
    2001 (Book)

  • Jerusalem Moonlight
    Fischer, Norman
    1997 (Book)

  • Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change
    Bridges, William
    1991 (Book)

  • Margaret Wise Brown Awakened By The Moon
    Marcus, Leonard
    1992 (Book)

  • Mediation for Living in Balance
    Schaef, Anne Wilson
    2000 (Book)

  • No Future Without Forgiveness
    Tutu, Desmond
    1997 (Book)

  • OASIS in the overwhelm: 60-second strategies for balance in a busy world
    Grenough, Millie
    2005 (Book)

  • Posttraumatic Growth
    Tedeschi, Richard G. and Christal Park
    1998 (Book)

  • Religious Ministries
    2003 (Guide)

  • Revolution From Within
    Steinen, Gloria
    1993 (Book)

  • Seasons of the Spirit
    Coleman, Sally and Maria Porter
    1994 (Book)

  • September 11 and the U.S. War
    Burbach, R. and Ben Clarke
    2002 (Book)

  • Sibling Revalry
    Levitt's, Jo Ann, Marjory & Joel
    2001 (Book)

  • Spirit at Work: The Search for Deeper Meaning in the Workplace
    2002 (Article)

  • Success
    Fischer, Norman
    2000 (Book)

  • Taking Our Places: The Buddhist Guide to Truly Growing Up
    Fischer, Norman
    2004 (Book)

  • Talking With Families About Death
    2004 (Brochure)

  • Tear Soup
    Schwiebert, Pat
    2005 (Book)

  • The Diamond Cutter
    Roach Geshe, Michael
    2000 (Book)

  • The Essential Ken Wilbur: An Introductory Reader
    Wilber, Ken
    1998 (Book)

  • The Everyday Zen Foundation
    Fischer, Zoketsu Norman
    2001 (Cassette)

  • The Gift of Fear
    de Becker, Gavin
    1997 (Book)

  • The Heart Aroused
    Whyte, David
    2002 (Book)

  • The House of Belonging
    Whyte, David
    2002 (Book)

  • The Menu: A relentlessly opinionated guide to eating in & around New Haven
    Goldstein, R., Murumba, C.
    2003 (Book)

  • The Poetry of Self Compassion
    Whyte, David
    1991 (CD)

  • The Power & Place of Poetry
    Whyte, David
    1998 (Cassette)

  • The Power of Now
    Eckhart Tolle
    1999 (Book)

  • The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling
    Hillman, James
    1996 (Book)

  • WAKE-UP CALLS: Making the Most Out of Every Day
    Lunden, Joan
    2001 (Book)

  • Whar Really Matters
    Pepper, John
    2005 (Book)

  • When Bad Things Happen to Good People
    Kushner, Harold, S.
    1981 (Book)

  • When Things Fall Apart (Heart Advice for Difficult Times)
    Chodrom, Pema
    1990 (Book)

  • Work as a Sprititual Practice
    Richmond, Lewis
    1999 (Book)