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Child Care Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any child care programs at Yale?

There are six child care programs affiliated with the University. The programs vary in size, eligibility determined by University affiliation, ages of children served, calendar, hours of operation, and program philosophy. More information about the Yale affiliated child care programs can be found here.

Is there any reduced tuition for faculty, staff or students at the Yale affiliated child care programs?

Financial assistance and some scholarship money is available through the individual child care programs.

How can I find out about other child care or pre-school programs in New Haven and the surrounding towns?

Parents can refer to the Yale University Child Care Directory, published annually by the WorkLife Program. The directory is available online or at various locations throughout the University.
Employee Service Center, 221 Whitney Avenue
Yale WorkLife, 221 Whitney Avenue
Office of International Students and Scholars, 421 Temple Street
McDougal Graduate Center, 320 York Street

What types of information should I have when looking at different child care options?

Your child’s date of birth
If you are looking for full-time or part-time child care.
The maximum tuition you are able to pay for care (weekly or monthly)
The hours and days required for child care.
Approximate date you need child care to begin.

Can I use the Yale University Flexible Benefits Plan for my child care expenses?

The Yale Flexible Benefits Plan permits you to save money by reducing
your taxable compensation to cover qualifying child/dependent care

How it works:
Salary reductions designated for child/dependent care or medical/dental
expenses are accumulated in a reimbursement account on behalf of the
participant pending submission of claims for reimbursable expenses. (An
individual cannot lump his or her reduction to correspond to a
particular part of the year. Instead, the annual reduction is divided
into equal periodic payroll reductions throughout the year.) Expenses
are reimbursed until the cumulative total equals the annual amount
For specific details go to: http://www.yale.edu/hronline/benefits/fsa/FLexibleSpending.html

How do I check the complaint history of a licensed child care provider?

Parents are encouraged to call the Day Care Licensing Unit for information on the regulations, to check on possible complaints regarding licensing violations or to file a complaint against a licensed program if needed: 1-800-282-6063

Statutes and Regulations for Licensing
State of Connecticut
Department of Public Health
Child Day Care Licensing Program
Hartford, CT

Where do I go if I have concerns about a particular child day care program?

If you have concerns about a licensed child day care program, you may file a complaint with the Department of Public Health Child Day Care Unit at (860) 509-8045.

Statutes and Regulations for Licensing
State of Connecticut
Department of Public Health
Child Day Care Licensing Program
Hartford, CT

The Department of Public Health investigates all complaints that concern possible violations of the licensing rules and utilizes unannounced site inspections as part of the process. Complaints concerning child abuse or neglect should be reported immediately to the Department of Children and Families HOTLINE at 1-800-842-2288 and to the Department of Public Health Child Day Care Unit. While most complaints can be resolved easily upon correction of the violation(s), the most serious cases require disciplinary action which may include licensure revocation. Unlicensed providers may be fined up to $100 per day for each day they operate illegally.

Click here for more information on how to choose quality care.

How long will my child remain on a waiting list until a spot if offered to him/her?
Waiting lists vary from provider to provider. Parents or guardians should direct waiting list questions to the provider.