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HR Web Site Templates

We use established templates for HR site development to create consistency when creating new pages. The types of templates and naming conventions, listed below, will help you to know which template is best to use. In addition, stylesheets are used to ensure the typography is consistent from page to page.

Which department?

Each template is named with a prefix of that identifies the department name. For example, compclass_main is the main template for Compensation and Classification department templates.

Using the correct template will ensure that navigation and other elements unique for your department stay intact. If you need a template that requires a different navigation or change, please contact Internal Communications.

Types of templates

  • Main- provides a basic page with 3 columns 1) left navigation 2) content area 3) picture and related links area. Example: hr_main
  • Gateway - provides a page with links in 2 to 3 columns for various related topics. Example: benefits_gateway Please note: Gateway pages are not available as new pages using Contribute. If you would like to use a Gateway page, please contact Internal Communications.
  • Information - provides a basic page with no right column for a picture or navigation. This template is used when there is a lot of content that needs more width on the page. Example: benefits_information
  • TOC - Automatically generates a Table of Contents at the top of the page, usually used for FAQ pages.
    Just apply Heading 1, 2 and 3 styles to the headings based on the list structure. The TOC will not display until the pages are published. Example: stars_toc


Styles are used to provide consistency in the web type face, which is maximized for readability throughout the site. The styles used for the HR templates are described on the following page. If you require an additional styles, please contact Internal Communications.