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New Haven Community Hiring Initiatives

What is the New Haven Hiring Initiatives Program at Yale?

The history and future of Yale University is inextricably tied to the strength and health of the city of New Haven and its economy. Contributing to strong economic growth in New Haven is a priority for Yale—whether as an employer or as a community that directly supports the local economy.

In fall 2012, the New Haven Board of Alderman established New Haven Works—a non-profit organization designed to help unemployed and under-employed New Haven city residents prepare for and find jobs with local employers over the course of four years. As a founding employer and supporter of this initiative, Yale has invested resources to ensure the organization’s success.

One such resource is a dedicated program at Yale, New Haven Hiring Initiatives. This program bridges the connection between qualified, pre-screened New Haven Works participants and open positions at the University—working directly with Human Resources and hiring managers to assess candidates. Additionally, the program provides a range of training and skill enhancement opportunities for New Haven Works participants and local youth—whether or not there is a job opening immediately available.

Our goals are to…

  • Actively match pre-screened, qualified New Haven Works participants with open positions at Yale, through partnerships with Human Resources, University hiring managers, and Yale Unions.
  • Design and create specific job training and mentoring programs.
  • Develop alternate pathways to employment, and assist in the specific job-training programs.
  • Collaborate with neighborhood groups, community agencies and social service programs to create new opportunities for local residents.

What are the Specific Hiring Initiatives?

The New Haven Hiring Initiatives program works directly with Yale Human Resources, other employers, community agencies, and New Haven Works, to give residents additional career opportunities and provide additional exposure to relevant training and the University workplace. Opportunities include:

  • Temporary assignments at Yale
  • Collaborating with a network of local community agencies and companies to refer potential employees and receive referrals
  • Working with area high schools and colleges to offer and present opportunities (e.g. job fairs, career days, and internships).
  • Work with specific University departments to develop internships, externships, job shadowing, mentoring, and apprenticeships, such as:

Why Hire New Haven?

Yale is committed to strengthening the foundation needed for economic growth in New Haven—a solid, well-trained workforce. By training and working with local residents, the New Haven Hiring Initiatives program contributes to:

  • A more stable city and local economy.
  • Improving the overall quality of life in New Haven and revitalizing many neighborhoods.
  • Attracting new economic investments and businesses, including technology, manufacturing, bio-science and healthcare companies.
  • Filling employment gaps with a skilled workforce.
  • Giving Yale hiring managers access to a pool of qualified applicants—through reliable referrals—that they might not have considered otherwise.
  • Providing a personalized way for hiring managers to get acquainted with future job applicants.

For New Haven Residents

Consider registering with New Haven Works, or visit Yale job postings.

Contact Us

The New Haven Hiring Initiatives program is a joint initiative sponsored by Yale University Human Resources and Administration, and the Office of New Haven and State Affairs.

Chris Brown, Director

Cassandra Irizarry, Hiring Initiatives Specialist

For Hiring Managers

The New Haven Hiring Initiatives program is committed to ensuring that all job candidates have been pre-screened and acquainted with Yale as a workplace. Ultimately, hiring managers decide on which candidates they’ll hire, but ensuring that the pool of candidates is as inclusive as possible for qualified New Haven residents is a priority for the program.

Why should you consider hiring a New Haven Works participant?

  • We have worked very closely with each candidate and can provide custom insight about them
  • We would only recommend the candidates that have passed Yale’s hiring standards.
  • All participants have been pre-screened through standard background checks (i.e. criminal).
  • All participants have received additional coaching and training to enhance their career skills.
  • All participants have been familiarized with the University.